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Top 5 of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Nantes

Must-see nature tours in the Nantes region

Visiting the Nantes region? Don't miss out on the many nature tours on offer during your stay. Indeed, Nantes is renowned for its major objective of preserving the city's biodiversity.

💡 Good to know: Nantes was elected European Green Capital in 2013, the first French city to hold this title!

Today, the team at Complexe Hôtelier Novella Nantes Carquefou invites you to discover the TOP 5 most beautiful Parks & Gardens in Nantes. Let's get started!

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The Jardin des Plantes

We're starting our tour of Nantes' Parks and Gardens with the Jardin des Plantes, located right next to the train station!

This is the must-see botanical garden in Nantes!
This three-century-old garden took almost half a century to take shape.

Offering an escapist experience, the park takes visitors on a journey through its tropical greenhouses, play areas, a refreshing paddling pool, the elegant Orangery and its tea room, and various art installations.

Each element contributes to an immersive and diverse experience!

How to get to the Jardin des Plantes

📍 Boulevard Stalingrad - Nantes
🚗 Practical: This park is only 10km from our hotel complex. This means you can get there in less than 20 minutes by car.

Parc de la Beaujoire

Next, head for the Parc de la Beaujoire, a very large 34-hectare park that stands out for its singularity. As well as its imposing fountain, the park is well worth a visit to admire its impressive collection of 25,000 rosebushes carefully arranged in 31 separate squares.

To the north of the park, 12 hectares are given over to floral arrangements in which perennials and shrubs coexist harmoniously, creating a captivating visual spectacle.

Among the treasures to be discovered in this park, the Iris garden is particularly outstanding during its flowering season, while the Heather garden hosts a floral competition between 65 different species, each with its own palette of flowers and foliage.

The perennial garden adds an extra dimension to the experience, making the park a place of exceptional natural diversity.

Getting to Parc de la Beaujoire

📍 Route de Saint-Joseph de Porterie - Nantes
🚗 Practical: This park is only 4km from our hotel complex. So you can get there in less than 10 minutes by car.

Le Jardin Extraordinaire

A visit to the Jardin Extraordinaire in Nantes is a must. You're in for a real treat when you discover this exceptional site, which extends over 3.5 hectares on the banks of the Loire!

With its imposing cliffs, a variety of unique species, and not forgetting its sumptuous 25-metre-high waterfall.

You'll discover an ingenious staircase with 177 steps clinging to the cliff, designed by François Delarozière.

Huge aquatic plants, broad-leafed banana trees and even tree ferns add to the plant life.

This site offers a truly extraordinary experience, offering a striking combination of natural and architectural elements.

A visit here will plunge you into an unusual atmosphere, an invitation into an unusual, disproportionate world, as if you were in a universe imagined by Jules Verne....

How to get to the Jardin Extraordinaire

📍 1 Quai Marquis d'Aiguillon - 44100 Nantes
🚗 Practical: This park is only 15km from our hotel complex. So you can get there in around twenty minutes by car.

Grand Blottereau Park

Opposite the Park is the 18th-century château designed by the architect Ceinera. The Parc du grand Blottereau estate extends over 37 hectares, proudly displaying 19 hectares of picturesque parkland.

The park features a tropical greenhouse housing an exceptional collection of exotic plants, a rarity in France. Rice, cotton, coffee, cocoa, ebony, mahogany, vetiver... You'll find everything along the way, surrounded by olive, pomegranate, eucalyptus and mimosa trees.

The Parc du Grand Blottereau is the largest Korean garden in Europe, covering almost an entire hectare!

As well as this botanical marvel, you can explore the various sections of the park, which include a formal garden, a Mediterranean rock garden, a banana plantation and a Korean garden, adding a wealth of variety to this verdant experience.

Getting to the Parc du grand Blottereau

📍 Boulevard Auguste Peneau - 44300 Nantes
🚗 Practical: This park is only 8km from our hotel complex. So you can get there in just 15 minutes by car.

The Japanese Garden on the Ile de Versailles

Let's finish our discovery of the Parks and Gardens of Nantes with the atypical Japanese Garden on the Ile de Versailles, a real haven of peace right in the heart of Nantes.

Covering an area of 1.7 hectares, this artificial island was originally used by tanners and shipwrights.

A major transformation then took place, turning the garden into a captivating Japanese Zen space, with rock gardens and waterfalls harmoniously arranged around three buildings inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

Surrounded by a peaceful Zen garden, you'll discover the Maison de l'Erdre.
This space hosts exhibitions dedicated to the river and its aquatic environment, creating a setting where nature and culture blend harmoniously.

How to get to the Japanese Garden on the Ile de Versailles

📍 Quai de Versailles - 44000 Nantes
🚗 Practical: This park is only 8km from our hotel complex. So you can get there in just 15 minutes by car.
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